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洋書 - Programming HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc (2007)


Programming HD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc: The Hd Cookbook

Programming HD DVD & Blu-Ray Disc: The Hd Cookbook


Chapter 1. Introduction

  • VHS -> DVD -> Two new gen formats : HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc
  • 1st HD DVD player : Toshiba in 2006
    1st Blu-ray player : Samsung in 2006

Chapter 2. Equipping Your HD Kitchen

  • Next gen disc production
      1. Authoring the audio/video data
      1. Programming the application
      1. Marrying the menu apps and the multiplexed streams/formatting
  • Logical structure of BD
    • BDJO (BD-J Object. Title) - Playlist - A V Stream

Chapter 3. Getting Your HD Ingredients Together

  • HD-DVD vs. BD : Implementation
    • HD-DVD : XML + JavaScript
    • BD : Java
  • General UI features for next gen disc
    • Graphics over Video
      • Popup menus
      • Graphics effects and animations
      • Time-based graphics information (e.g. annotations, storyboards)
      • On-screen scoring and timers
    • Effect Sounds
    • Text over time
    • Scalable video
    • Picture in Picture
    • Customized Scene Selections
    • Seamless Multi-Angle
    • Persistent Storage
    • Personalized Experience
    • Interactive Games
    • Network Features
      • Downloading new content (i.e., trailers)
      • Streaming content from the network (i.e., live audio commentary)
      • Alerts for new content upon disc start
      • Alternate content made available on-line (i.e, additional subtitles)
      • Sharing (uploading) bookmarks and Playlists
      • Sharing (uploading) high-scores for games
      • Update-able menus (i.e. actor biographies)
      • Disc-based user chats & messaging
      • Disc-based synchronized events (i.e., Director highlighting specific scenes)
      • e-Commerce capabilities

Chapter 4. Preparing Your Assets

  • Preparing assets : Video Prep, Audio Prep, Graphics Prep, Graphics Buffers, Bitrates and Bit Budgeting
  • Video Prep
    • Video Codec
      DVD : MPEG-2 only)
  • Audio Prep
    • Audio Codec
      DVD : Linear PCM, Dolby Digital AC-3, DTS, MPEG audio
      HD DVD/BD : Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution, DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Bitrates and Bit Budgeting : For BD, 25GB for Single Layer, 50GB for Dual Layer.

Chapter 5 to Chapter 14. HD DVD関連

下記ChapterはHD DVD関連

  • Chapter 5. Framework for HD DVD Advanced Content (AC)
    • HD DVD format : 1) Standard Content (SC), 2) Advanced Content (AC)
  • Chapter 6. HD DVD Application Models
  • Chapter 7. HD DVD AC Graphics and Animation
  • Chapter 8. HD DVD AC Text Rendering
  • Chapter 9: HD DVD AC User Input
  • Chapter 10. HD DVD AC Playback Control
  • Chapter 11. HD DVD AC File I/O and Persistent Storage
  • Chapter 12. HD DVD AC Networking
  • Chapter 13. HD DVD AC Putting It All Together
  • Chapter 14. Finishing the HD DVD Disc

Chapter 15. Framework for BD-J

  • BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) : Allows and author to include a S/W program which their disc that takes near-total control of a Blu-ray player
  • BD-J Application (xlet) : Can present a Graphical I/F to the viewer, Receive remote control key presses, initiate the presentation of all the disc assets. Interacts with the player to do simple things - draw an image, adjust the audio volume, turn on picture in picture, connect to a server over the Internet, play a sound effect.
  • BD-J Platform : Java ME Personal Basis Profile(PBP), TV style functions are defined as Java TV, MHP(Multimedia Home Platform), GEM(Globally Executable MHP).
  • BD-ROM Spec, Part 3-2 : Blu-ray spec which includes device-control APIs. APIs are in the package org.bluray
  • Code signing and Security Model : PBP defines a permissions model based on Security Manager checks to see if the caller is entitled to perform those operations
    • Using an Internet connection
    • Making a new VFS image
    • Accessing persistent storage
    • Changing system properties
    • Using the title selection API
  • Summary of spec +Majority of the code will be written to PBP. PBP is the dominant part of the BD-J Platform
    • Next is org.bluray defined in Blu-ray spec, part 3.2
    • Last, but not least, Java TV/GEM/MHP : org.blurayよりもっと深いことをやりたい場合
  • BDA : Blu-ray Disc Association

Chapter 16. BD-J Application Model

Chapter 17. BD-J Graphics and Animation

Chapter 18. BD-J Text Rendering

Chapter 19. BD-J User Input

Chapter 20. BD-J Playback Control

Chapter 21. BD-J File I/O

Chapter 22. BD-J Networking and VFS

  • BD-Live : Connectivity to Internet

Chapter 23. BD-J Putting It All Together

Chapter 24. Finishing the BD-J Disc

  • Application Signing

Chapter 25. Benchmarking

Chapter 26. Testing and Verification

Chapter 27. Replication

Chapter 28. AACS Managed Copy

  • AACS Managed Copy : AACS protected HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc allows consumers to create additional copies of a disc.