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Java ME Platformの基本

Java MEアーキテクチャーの基本形

基本形は3つのレイヤーで構成 : Configuration – Profile - Package




  • Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)
    CLDC is aimed at the low end of the consumer electronics range. A typical CLDC platform is a cell phone or PDA with around 512 KB of available memory. For this reason, CLDC is closely associated with wireless Java, which is concerned with allowing cell phone users to purchase and download small Java applications known as MIDlets to their handsets.

  • Connected Device Configuration (CDC)
    CDC addresses the needs of devices that lie between those addressed by CLDC and the full desktop systems running J2SE. These devices have more memory (typically 2 MB or more) and more capable processors, and they can, therefore, support a much more complete Java software environment. CDC might be found on high-end PDAs and in smart phones, web telephones, residential gateways, and set-top boxes.


昔のガラケ向けMEパターンはこれ。 f:id:blog-guy:20180426145059p:plain


ディジタルメディアデバイス向けの基本パターン。 f:id:blog-guy:20180426145151p:plain


通信モジュール(モデム等)向けの基本パターン f:id:blog-guy:20180426145308p:plain

BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java)

Blu-ray向け基本パターン f:id:blog-guy:20180426150424p:plain

Link : Blu-ray Disc Application Development with Java ME, Part 1


  • CLDC : Connected Limited Device Configuration
  • CDC : Connected Device Configuration
  • MIDP : Mobile Information Device Profile
  • IMP-NG : Information Module Profile-Next Generation
  • FP : Foundation Profile
  • PBP : Personal Basis Profile
  • HAVi : Home Audio Video Interoperability