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洋書 - Beginning Java ME Platform

Beginning Java  ME Platform (Beginning From Novice to Professional)

Beginning Java ME Platform (Beginning From Novice to Professional)

今更、Java MEで新たな開発はほとんどないが、既存でJava MEを使ってる場合の理解のため。

Table of Contents

Part1. Getting Started

Ch1. Mapping the Java Jungle
Ch2. Shrinking Java to Fit
Ch3. Getting Started with the NetBeans IDE

Part2. CLDC Development with MIDP

Ch4. Introducing MIDlets
Ch5. Building User Interfaces
Ch6. Storing Data Using the Record Store
Ch7. Accessing Files and Other Data
Ch8. Using the Java Mobile Game API

Part3. CDC Development

Ch9. Introducing Xlets and the Personal Basis Profile
Ch10. Introducing Applets and the Advanced Graphics and User Interface
Ch11. Using Remote Method Invocation

Part4. Communicating with the Rest of the World

Ch12. Accessing Remote Data on the Network
Ch13. Accessing Web Services
Ch14. Messaging with the Wireless Messaging API

Part5. Other Java ME Interfaces

Ch15. Securing Java ME Applications
Ch16. Rendering Multimedia Content
Ch17. Finding Your Way
Ch18. Seeking a Common Platform