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Oracle Berkeley DB


Oracle Berkeley DBは以下の3つの種類

  • Oracle Berkeley DB - Cで実装
  • Oracle Berkeley Java Edition - Javaで実装
  • Oracle Berkeley XML - C++で実装
Berkeley DB products and their relationships


Berkeley DBの種類

  1. Berkeley DB - Data Store (DS) : Nontransactional simple data store with no locking.
  2. Berkeley DB - Concurrent Data Store (CDS) : Nontransactional concurrent data store that supports a single writer and multiple readers with database-level (table-level, in RDBMS lingo) locking.
  3. Berkeley DB - Transactional Data Store (TDS) : Transactional data store with ACID semantics. Provides page-level or record-level locking and supports multiple readers and writers concurrently.
  4. Berkeley DB - High Availability Data Store (HA) : Replication support for high availability and fault tolerance.

Berkeley DB価格